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Monthly Archives: June, 2010

Cognac Personalities: George Daniels, Owner Of “George’s Music Room” In Chicago, Made A Very Stylish Appearance At The Comandon Cognac Party During The BET Awards Weekend

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“Savor Life” With Comandon Cognac

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World’s Oldest French Cognac: Clos De Griffier Champagne Cognac De 1738

This cognac would have spent the first 10 to 30 years of its life in cask, and would then likely have been stored in demijohns until bottling at the time … Continue reading

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“Hennessy Artistry” Is Popularizing “Cognac Mixers” Because Blending Is “What Cognac Is All About”

 Cognac used to be known as an “old man’s drink” – only meant to be sniffed and then sipped slowly from balloon glasses. However, through its hugely successful Hennessy Artistry, … Continue reading

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World’s Finest French Cognacs: Martell Cognac Led The Growth Of Cognac In Early 19th Century By Expanding Markets Into Britain And East Asia

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Finest French Cognacs: Maison Surrenne Cognacs Are Produced By Cognac’s Largest Remaining Family-Owned Business On The Banks Of The Charente River In Jarnac

“…our older rareties, such as: tonneau 1 (a blend of dozens of hundred-year-old petite champagne distillates aged together for 79 years), or the 1946 unblended grande champagne (produced more than … Continue reading

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World’s Finest Cognacs: Pascal Fillioux Vintage 1990 18-Years Old Cognac Is Distilled From Grapes Grown In The “Golden Triangle” Of Grande Champagne

The vineyards lie in the heart of the Grande Champagne in the “golden triangle”: Verrieres, Angeac- Champagne and Juillac-le-Coq. It is well known, this area yields the most delicate and … Continue reading

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