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World’s Finest French Cognacs: Kelt Cognac Was Founded In 1987 And Ships Cognac Barrels Around Of The World To Achieve Unique Flavors

In 1987, Mr. Olev Kelt, the founder of the worldwide known cognac house, decided to create a drink uncompromising in its quality, for true connoisseurs. It was him who suggested the innovative idea to revive the 18th century tradition and to ship barrels with already aged Grande Champagne Cognac to the round-the-world tour. As even centuries ago, it was found out that the quality of the cognac shipped from France to the colonies in oak barrels would develop in an astonishing way during the long sea voyage. The constant rolling of the sea, frequent temperature and air pressure variations, and the sea air itself — all these factors together, they magnificently amend the cognac quality and create inimitable blend.

The ocean maturation Tour du Monde and rigorous observance of the centuries-old traditions made Kelt one of the world’s best cognac brands for true connoisseurs.
Kelt Cognac — Ocean Matured!

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