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Finest French Cognacs: Otard Cognacs Feature Over 200 Years Of Cognac Production In A “Tear-Drop” Shaped Bottle


With its long and eventful history stretching back over 200 years, Otard benefits from all its intrinsic advantages which go to make up a unique cognac:

  •  200 years of know-how, enabling its Cognacs to maintain all their genuine features
  •  Unique ageing conditions: the cellars of Château de Cognac have 3-metre thick walls and an extremely high level of humidity resulting from the proximity of the Charente river. Such a unique environment plays a determinant role in the maturity of thes eaux-de-vie.
  • Stringent monitoring throughout the production process to guarantee a final product of faultless quality in full compliance with the style of the brand.

In 1968, Otard creates a tear-drop bottle. The design drew its inspiration from the cognac itself. When cognac is swirled inside a glass, to bring out better the fullness of its aromas, it leaves a fine film on the sides from which a few droplets run down. The cognac is said to be weeping. These tears inspired the shape of the bottle. For over thirty years, this shape has remained the constant theme of all Otard designs. Its pure lines and its simplicity go hand in hand with the constant thrust for sobriety, elegance and modernism.

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