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Giorgio Gucci To Launch And Auction “Giorgio G” Premium Cognacs At Pierre Hotel On September 29

On Wednesday, September 29th, Mr. Gucci will launch and auction his exclusive line of premium cognacs at the legendary Pierre Hotel. The launch of his cognacs will be in commemoration with his 10th year anniversary of the “Giorgio G” brand.

Mr. Giorgio Gucci will be in Washington, D.C. on September 22nd through the 27th. He will be in New York City on September 27th through the 30th. Giorgio Gucci is the third generation of Italian fashion geniuses whose grandfather, Guccio, as a saddle-maker, established the Gucci House of design in 1905. For over five decades, Giorgio Gucci worked in the family business with his two brothers, and his father Aldo. The Gucci name has become synonymous with luxury and refined taste.

Giorgio Gucci created fashion intrigue by introducing his own brand, “Giorgio G”, with a fresh perspective on luxury and style that redefine modern luxury, beauty and elegance. “Giorgio G” produces exclusive clothing, accessories and, now, cognacs. The “Giorgio G” line is hand-made and exquisite to the taste. The products have become a symbol of excellence for the elite around the world.

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