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Monthly Archives: August, 2010

Marketing French Cognacs: “L’OR De Jean Martell” Is Featured At Top Restaurants By Martell’s Heritage Director Jacques Menier And Chef Cristophe Pienkowski (Video)

  The day after *Pernod Ricard launched the L’OR De Jean Martell, it set in motion a 5 day dining excursion in which its prestige range of cognacs were paired … Continue reading

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Cognac Cocktails: The “Cognac Bull Shot” Is A Layered Mixed Drink Made With Coffee Liqueur And Cola

In more modern times, younger, city dwellers have started drinking cognac, preferring it mixed in a cocktail or downed as a shot. Rather than recoiling horror, cognac house Hennessy (owned … Continue reading

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Cognac On The Radio: National Public Radio (NPR) Aired “French Cognac Makers Get A Boost From Rap” In January 2009 (Audio)

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Cognac And Hot Rods: One-Of-A-Kind 1932 Ford Cabriolet Deuce Roadster Built By Jimmy Boddy

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Cognac “Smokes”: “His Majesty’s Reserve” (HMR) Cigars Hold Title As “World’s Most Expensive Cigars” As They Are “Filled With A Bottle Of Louis VIII Cognac”

His Majesty’s Reserve (HMR) holds the title of “world’s most expensive cigar ever made.” If you are looking for the absolute best, this is it. “…Each (cigar)  is filled with a … Continue reading

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Cognac As Artform: High-Speed Photography Demonstrates The ‘”Hydrodynamics” Of Liquid As It Enters The Snifter

From: Picture from:

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Cognac Cocktails: Cointreau Produces Spectacular “Sidecar Cocktail” Commercial Highlighting Its Invention In 1923 With A “Rare 1865 Remy Martin Cognac (Video)

Paris 1923, Cointreau and Rémy Martin cognac, the sidecar cocktail was born. Video staring Dita Von Teese. Cointreau is also on Facebook at More Margarita, Cosmopolitan, White Lady, Sidecar … Continue reading

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