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Marketing French Cognacs: “L’OR De Jean Martell” Is Featured At Top Restaurants By Martell’s Heritage Director Jacques Menier And Chef Cristophe Pienkowski (Video)

The day after *Pernod Ricard launched the L’OR De Jean Martell, it set in motion a 5 day dining excursion in which its prestige range of cognacs were paired with masterfully prepared dishes.

Connoisseurs of good food and great cognac dined in various restaurants renowned for their menu and decor, including Frangipani, Genji, Tatto, Chynna and Club De Vegas. Each menu featured a unique cooking style for a more memorable dining experience.

The luckier diners were treated with the exalted L’OR de Jean Martell, a cognac that took 300 years to perfect. None were disappointed however, Martell’s Cordon Bleu, XO and even the Creation Grand Extra graced dinner tables and everyone had their fill of Martell’s exquisite cognacs.

Martell’s Heritage Director, Jacques Menier took us back in time to Martell’s roots in King Louis XIV’s France and even gave us insight into the creation of cognac.

Chef Cristophe Pienkowski, Martell’s resident chef delighted guests with his live cooking demonstration. In addition to Chef Pienkowski’s presentation, resident chefs were eager to impress with their showmanship.

The Sound of Heaven serenaded diners with their skillful rendition of familiar hits. XO infused chocolates with lashes of truffles provided a delightful desert.

*Pernod Ricard is the world’s co-leader in wines & spirits.

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