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Monthly Archives: September, 2010

The Finest French Cognacs: Domaine Du Grollet In The Heart Of Charente (Video)

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Cognac In Spain: Comandon Cognac Sponsors “Fat Joe” Concert And After Party In Barcelona On November 12

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Cognac In New York City: The Brandy Library Announces “Ultimate Spirits & Cocktails Blast” At The Marriott Marquis Hotel At Times Square On October 15

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Cognac In Hungary: Comandon Cognac Sponsors “Fat Joe & Fabulous” Concert And After Party In Budapest On November 11

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Marketing Cognac In Japan: Martell “Noblige” Cognac Is Promoted Via Television Spots On Japanese Television (Video)

Martell “Noblige” is a superbly stylish cognac whose name refers to the old French saying ‘Noblesse Oblige’, encapsulating the duty of commitment incumbent on people of high rank.  Martell Noblige … Continue reading

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Cognac In Chicago: Hennessy Cognac Showcased 2010 Artistry Series With “The Roots And Q-Tip” On Sept. 18 (Video)

Before the concert kicked off, the audience had the opportunity to mingle and enjoy an amazing spread of food and Hennessy’s signature cocktails to the sounds of the legendary DJ … Continue reading

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Cognac And Hip Hop: Dr. Dre To Introduce “Aftermath Cognac” With “Drinks Americas” In Next 60 Days

In the Drinks Americas Q4 earnings, which were released yesterday, the company said it would introduce Aftermath Cognac in the next 60 days. The production, supply and European distribution of … Continue reading

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