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Cognac Auctions For Charity: The Fifth Annual “Part Des Anges” (Angel’s Share) Charity Auction Featured 24 Lots Of Specially Blended Cognacs (Video)

 The fifth annual Part des Anges, or angel’s share, charity auction of specially-made Cognacs, has raised more than €70,000.

(The 2009 “Part des Anges” video can be viewed above)

More than 600 guests attended last night’s auction, held in former warehouses Chais Monnet in the town of Cognac. The “angel’s share” refers to the 2% of Cognac which evaporates from casks of the spirit each year.

Twenty-four lots of specially blended Cognacs housed in limited edition decanters were on offer.

Top lots at the auction included Remy Martin’s Coupe Shanghai, which sold for €6,000 over the asking price at €16,000, a collection of three multi-vintage bottles of Frapin Cognac which sold for €6,500 over the asking price at €9,000. An Edition Exceptionnelle Borderies from Martell sold for €4,600 over its asking price at €7,100.

Nicholas Faith, British journalist and author of A Guide to Cognac and Other Brandies, was given a lifetime achievement award. Over the years Faith has written for The Sunday Times and the Economist, along with hundreds of articles on wine and his preferred subject Cognac.

Faith said: “The only real honour that is important is that which comes from people you respect. I respect Cognac and the people who make it, so for me this is an extraordinary honour.”

Faith praised Cognac’s recent innovations, but said he regretted that so many decisions about the spirit were now taken outside the town by bigger companies in “Paris or even Chicago”.

Flavien Desoblin, who owns New York’s Brandy Library bar which houses one of the biggest selections of brandy in the world, won the Personality of the Year award.

Last year the auction raised €47,700 which was donated to the Institut de France to restore three paintings at the Chateau de Chantilly. This year donations will be given to the Institut de France once again, as well as a local charity.

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