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Cognac And Hip Hop: Dr. Dre To Introduce “Aftermath Cognac” With “Drinks Americas” In Next 60 Days

Dr. Dre will be joining the List of Hip Hop Names pushing their version of a liquer brand. According to Billboards Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Records are partnering with beverage company Drinks Americas to release "Aftermath Cognac."

In the Drinks Americas Q4 earnings, which were released yesterday, the company said it would introduce Aftermath Cognac in the next 60 days. The production, supply and European distribution of the cognac will be handled by Abecassis Cognac, a cognac producer.

According to the earnings statement, the cognac and vodka will be introduced at the same time as Dr. Dre’s long awaited “Detox” album and will be part of an integrated marketing plan surrounding the project.

For more:–Dre-To-Release-His-Own–Aftermath-Cognac-.aspx?PressReleaseID=de2b1767-fada-44f9-a69e-668dad8b0bf9

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