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Cognac In India: Hennessy Artistry To Sponsor “Midival Punditz” And “Shaiir’n’Func” At The Taj West End On Dec. 1

After two of the hottest parties of 2010 in Bangalore in October & November, Hennessy, the world’s finest cognac returns with the Hennessy Artistry club series with Indian music icons Midival Punditz and Shaiir’n’Func at Blue Bar – Taj West End on December 1, 2010 – a truly unique experience that blends the Best in Music, Bars and Long Drinks for an Unforgettable Experience.

After the huge success at City Bar in November, The Artistry series continues to entice Bangalore with the very versatile Hennessy V.S. long drinks and is all set to culiminate at the city’s most magical night spot – Blue Bar at Taj West End on December 1, 2010, uniting Indian fusion artistes- Midival Punditz with celebrated electronica artistes Shaiir’n’Func on one stage, for one night only! The Bhangra, Jungle, Electronica and North-Indian classical beats by Midival Punditz will fuse with electronic, bass-heavy rhythms and haunting synth melodies from Shaiir’n’Func to set the tone for an extraordinary evening!

Hennessy Artistry is one of the most sought-after events to have ever hit the world. From LA to Paris to Singapore to Malaysia – and Now in India, these parties have been conceptualized to present a contemporary platform that is bold and daring, with collaborative performances, visual stimulation and digital interactions.

In its first year in India, Hennessy Artistry has grown to become an innovative musical platform that unites the best musical talents in the International & Indian circuit – on one stage, giving fans a once in a lifetime experience.

Just as Hennessy mixes the finest eaux-de-vie, Hennessy Artistry embodies this philosophy by mixing unique talent to create an exceptional blend of music, style, culture and people, at an ambience that is sophisticated, edgy and vibrant. Hennessy Artistry aspires to present an evening of pure unification of rhythm and taste; bringing together the best musical talents in the International & Indian circuit along with the versatility of Hennessy VS.

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