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Monthly Archives: December, 2010

Appreciating Fine French Cognacs: “The Cognac Aroma Wheel” Illustrates “Principal Aromatic Notes”

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Cognac At New Year’s: The “Classic French 75” Is The “Cadillac” Of Champagne-Based Cognac Cocktails

   2 ounces cognac   1 teaspoon superfine sugar 1/2 ounce lemon juice 5 ounces brut champagne In a cocktail shaker, combine cognac, sugar, lemon juice and ice, and shake well. … Continue reading

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Cognac In The 1930’s: Hennessy Cognac Was Featured In A 1934 French Print “Zodiac Sagittarius” Ad By Artist Paul Robert Bazé

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Cognac In New Orleans: Twelve Mile Limit Is A “Genuine Dive” Bar That Features “High-End” Drinks With Cognac, Drambuie, Cranberry Liqueur And Grand Marnier

  Scarlet Letter by T. Cole Newton of Twelve Mile Limit T. Cole Newton made a name for himself at Coquette. Now he owns Twelve Mile Limit, which is a … Continue reading

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Cognac Cocktails: The “Shooting Star Martini” Blends Courvoisier VS Cognac Wtih Fresh Fruit And Aromatic Bitters

Holidays are brighter with a Shooting Star Martini. Your guests will feel more festive after one taste of this delightful blend of Cognac, fresh fruit, and aromatic bitters. SHOOTING STAR … Continue reading

December 25, 2010 · 1 Comment

The Making Of Cognac: Blending The “Flavors And Aromas” Of Various Cognacs Produces The Finest French Cognacs (Video)

  Blending, or the combining of multiple ingredients, has always been part of the art of cooking. So too has it always been a part of wine making and the … Continue reading

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Comandon Cognac: Have A “Merry Cognac Christmas” And “Savour The New Year”

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