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Cognac In South Africa: Hennessey Artistry Launches Music Track “Blazing” (Video)

Hennessy Cognac is proud to announce the launch of the music video for the 2010 Hennessy Artistry track, Blazing. Blending the distinctive sounds of four musical genres, Hennessy Artistry celebrates the collaboration of South Africa’s top home grown music talent.

Created by legendary DJs at Work duo, Christos and Vinny da Vinci, Blazing is a collaboration between SAMA award-winning hip-hop superstars Teargas, melodic deep house duo Liquideep, Afro-funk songstress Zamajobe and energetic jazzy-groove injected dance act GoodLuck.

The Blazing track is a local expression of the Art of Blending — the chemistry critical to the mixing of the eaux-de-vie used to create Hennessy Cognac blend. This brand philosophy is interpreted for Hennessy Artistry by mixing unique musical talent and providing the finest mixed drinks to create an exceptional blend of music, style, culture and people.

The music video, which was conceptualised and produced by leading production house, Big Fish, showcases the artists working together instead of a fictional representation of the lyrics. Various stages throughout the Hennessy Artistry campaign, including the launch, regional build up performances and the prestigious Halo event, have been incorporated to illustrate the full journey of the song.

Following its live premier performance by the four artists at the exclusive Halo event in Johannesburg, Blazing was officially launched on Metro FM in August and has already received airplay on East Coast Radio, 2oceansvibe radio and Radio Zibonele.

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