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Cognac As Art: Architect Jean Nouvel Designed “The Martel Amber Lamp” As A Tribute To The “Virtuosity Of Martell Cognac”

An encounter between prestigious Martell cognac and Jean Nouvel, one of the world's most famous modern architects, has given rise to The Martell Amber Lamp: a polysemic work created as a tribute to the virtuosity of Martell cognac. This luminous sculpture consists of an imposing glass bulb with a tall metal staff; its striking architecture glows with life and captivates with sleek, poetic charm. Jean Nouvel has expressed his full talent in creating not so much a lamp, but a light (an amber light) that emits endless luminous pulses in shimmering golden and copper waves. The waves modulate the space by creating a warm, calm atmosphere for reflection, for the pleasure of tasting, a refined art of living or the enjoyment of a shared experience.

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