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Marketing Cognac: The Courvoisier Cognac 3D “Cognac With Another Dimension” Video Ad Represents An Important Technology Trend For 2011

We’ve seen the impact and appeal of 3D movies in cinemas, and in some cases, we’ve seen some 3D advertising in cinemas. But 3D advertising will start taking shape and form beyond the cinema. Affordable 3D TVs will be the order of the day shortly.

Ad campaigns will be made specifically made for 3D, eg Courvoisier cognac, secured its position at the forefront of a 3D revolution as the first brand to create a specific 3D advertisement on UK terrestrial TV. The ad, ‘Cognac With Another Dimension’, shows cognac in a balloon glass exploding and then spinning into a vortex that forms a cocktail. The ads naturally make the consumers feel more involved.

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