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Finest French Cognacs: “Henrik Ibsen No. 1 Grande Champagne Cognac” Is An Exclusive Blend Of Cognacs In A Crystal Decanter

Henrik Ibsen No.1 – Grande Champagne Cognac is one of the noblest beverages you may get and has millions of loyal friends all over the world. In celebration of the 2006 Henrik Ibsen Centennial, our company have present the most exclusive cognac ever made to the ordinary cognac market. Ever since the beginning, our objective has been to present to the international market the world’s most exclusive cognacs available in ordinary trade. Our cognac is an exclusive blend of vintages dating back to Ibsen’s own time. (year 1880). It is supplied by and old cognac house in Cognac France, which has since 1879 supplied much-acclaimed cognacs all over the world. For “Henrik Ibsen No.1”, the designer has created a jewel of a crystal decanter. The crystal decanter is mouth-blown and as such crafted according to old techniques and traditions. The ornaments and engravings on the neck band with the Henrik Ibsen No.1 medal of the decanter were made by goldsmith.

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