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Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Cognac Competitions: Results Of The “2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition” On March 18-20

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Cognac In Rhode Island: Cafe Nuovo In Providence Offers Remy Martin’s “Louis XIII Black Pearl” Cognac

Inside Cafe Nuovo, one of the finest restaurants in Providence, sits one of the finest and rarest Cognacs in the world: Louis XIII Black Pearl. If you can find a … Continue reading

March 26, 2011 · 4 Comments

Cognac In New York: “Cognac Frapin” And Owner Jean-Pierre Cointreau Featured At The Brandy Library On March 24

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Cognac Cocktails: The “Cubed Old Fashioned” Features “Remy Martin” Cognac Mixed With Multiple Spirits And Bitters (Video)

The Old Fashioned Cocktail is simple yet multidimensional. Its few ingredients combine to create what some consider the perfect cocktail. You can make old fashioned cocktails with any spirit; rum … Continue reading

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The Finest French Cognacs: Producing Cognac Is “The Art Of Blending” (Video)

“All Cognac is brandy, but not all brandy is Cognac”, and the Cognac region of France is rightly famous for its brandy, a spirit made by double-distilling wine to create … Continue reading

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Crafting The Finest French Cognacs: “Hennessy Savoir-Faire” Explores The Production And Blending Of Hennessy Cognac (Video)

The film, Hennessy Savoir-Faire, takes you on a journey through time to discover the craftsmanship and excellence of Hennessy cognac. From the harvesting of the grapes, to the ageing, tasting … Continue reading

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Fine French Cognacs: Guy Gautier & Co. Cognac Dates Back To 1755 When Louis Gautier Obtained A Royal Warrant To Produce Cognac

  In 1644, Charles Gautier married a winegrower’s daughter Jacquette Brochet. Charles’ grandson, Louis, succeeded in obtaining a Royal Warrant in 1755, for the production of cognac. The Charter was … Continue reading

March 16, 2011 · 1 Comment