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Fine French Cognacs: “Cognac Seguinot” XO And VSOP Are Blends Based On 100 Years Of Tradition In The Grande Champagne Region

Gerard Seguinot owns over 200 acres of the best vineyards located in the officially designated Grande Champagne area of Cognac, also called the Premier Cru or First Cru. He cultivates his vines and distills all the production at the family facilities at La Nerolle in Segonzac. The Cognac is distilled twice in traditional Charentais pot stills and then transferred to barrels made from the finest Limousin oak. It matures until Monsieur Seguinot determines it is worthy to be blended, usually quite a few more years than the required minimum. The blending is based on secret traditions passed from one generation of the family to the next for the last 100 years.

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