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Fragrance And Cognac: Cognac Company P. Frapin & Cie Has Released “1697” Perfume In 1,697 “Special Edition Bottles” As “Distillation Of Cognac And Perfume Are Inherently Similar”

“…the inspirations for—and distillation of— cognac and perfume are inherently similar…”

High-end cognac company P. Frapin & Cie's perfume line's latest fragrance, 1697, is a sensual scent, with notes of spiced florals, dried fruit, amber, and vanilla mixed with wood essences. Newly available this spring, 1697 was created to express the grandeur of that iconic time in Frapin’s history—not to mention elite luxury, as only 1,697 special-edition bottles are being made, with the standard Frapin bottle models coming at a later date.

 The Frapin’s rich family heritage is the stuff of a whimsical, old-world romance novel—and, according to creative director David Frossard, the key inspiration for all seven fragrances in the line. One of the oldest and most established families in France, the Frapins have been distilling cognac from their original Fontpinot Castle, situated on 300 hectares in the Grand Champagne region of France, since 1270 and through 20 generations; they expanded into fragrance in 2008. And if a castle isn’t enough of a fairy tale for you, Louis XIV himself granted official nobility to the Frapin family in 1697.

“To create cognac, you have to have an exceptional land with very specific natural conditions … but of course that is only the beginning, as you require having more than 100 years of experience of transforming the best that nature can give to mankind into an art such as distillation.” All the ingredients for distillation, ranging from leather and sandalwood to rum and tangerine, come from Grasse, a region in France where, Frossard says, “we use the ingredients … to replicate the story of Frapin.” Another marked characteristic connecting the company’s cognac and fragrance is the ornate beechwood cap, which is crafted by a pipemaker and takes years to make, lending each bottle an extra note of refinement.

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