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Cognac Courvoisier Rosé – A Smart Move!

Courvoisier Cognac Rose Rosé

Courvoisier Cognac Rose Rosé

A rosé, not to confuse with a rose which is a flower, is a wine made of red grapes. Beware of rosé made of blending of white and red wines, this is fake! A rosé is made using 2 methods: either your leave the grape juice in contact of the skin of the red grapes for about 2 days to get the coloring of the tannins from the skin, or your do a “saignee” which means a part of the juice of red grape during fermentation is removed to intensify the red color/tannins to come though. The pink juice is kept to be fermented separately to create a rosé wine. My favourite rosés comes from Provence, France period! Traditionally, Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre are the three grapes most commonly used in making rosé in Provence. 75% of the wines made in Provence are rosé. I have always been a fan of rosé and I am glad they are becoming popular. Lightness, mild acidity and minerality is what drives my interest, not to say they remind me of good days of hot summers on the French Riviera looking at the Azure of the Mediterranean … So popular now that Cognac Courvoisier has created a new cognac called Cognac Courvoisier Rosé. This is a very timely idea as a great deal of young trendy Americans are currently flocking to rosé champagnes (often the most affordable champagne on the menu), but also a favorite for the ladies who appreciate the color but also sweet/smooth acidity found in rosé champagne that makes them for an easy choice. Cocktails and cranberry people are going to be happy.  National launch, schedule in June 2011.  Ahhh!! If only I had thought of it first!

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