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Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Appreciating French Cognac: “Cognac – An Introduction” By “The Amateur Gastronomer” (Video)

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Fine French Cognacs: Single Growth “Camus Ile De Re’ Fine Island Cognacs” Come From Vineyards In The Most Westerly AOC

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Marketing Cognac: New Commercial Features “Bossard Cognac XO” (Video)

Bossard Cognac XO   Aged around a quarter century, Bossard XO is a petite champagne cognac with a golden lush amber tone. It constitutes a richer assortment of flavors with more … Continue reading

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Marketing Cognac: “Cognac Ferrand” Promotes “Pierre Ferrand 1840 Original Formula” At “Tales Of The Cocktail” In New Orleans (Videos)

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Mixing Cognac: Legend Has It That The “French 75” Cognac And Champagne Cocktail Was “Born On The Battlefields Of World War I” And Named After A French Arillery Piece

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Cognac And Artists: Hennessy Cognac To Release Limited Edition “KAWS Hennessy V.S. Bottle” (Video)

Artist KAWS went to Cognac to experience firsthand the process that goes into crafting Hennessy with the perfect blend of eaux de vie. Watch KAWS give his thoughts on the … Continue reading

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Cognac Commercials: “Tsar Alexander I V.S.O.P Cognac” Video

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