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Cognac and Shoplifting: A Real Prejudice

Just by curiosity I did a number of searches on the Internet to identify which spirits and/or liquors get to be the most stolen on the shelves. Well, guess what? It seems that Cognac, Scotch and Champagne seemed to be the favorite. In fact, last Tuesday 25th Oct. 2011, an online source from an ABC TV channel reported two people stealing cognacs in a store and being recorded by a video camera. (see the report: 

A research from the UK points out that 1% of the products in a store is at risk for shoplifting (

  • A normal supermarket has at least  35,000 product lines and 100,000 in a department store, which makes at least 350 items and 1,000 products respectively being stolen on average per year.
  • I have always been amazed by the amount of security made for Razor and  shaving products. In many cases, you have to ask somebody to open a cabinet, like you would do for buying an expensive bottle of cognac.  This is because  it has been the No. 1 stolen products for many years but is now losing its place because of new security systems and display limitation. Interestingly, only men razors seem to be shoplifted. Perhaps, they are better after all.
  • So what is the most stolen product in stores. Sadly, it is meat products – where are we going?

Business Insurance reports that alcoholic beverages and in particular cognac is the 5th most stolen product in stores ( Apparently, teenagers driven by curiosity and a bad economy are the two main reasons for driving shoplifting of spirits. Drunk patrons are mostly stealing cheaper liquors I guess because they are lower on the shelves!!

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