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Living the Life of a Jet Lagger: Some Advises from Patrick Piana – CEO of Rémy Martin

Patrick Piana is the CEO of Rémy Martin. In a recent article from CNN Money online he gives us his perspective on how to survive the jet-lags from 140 days of international traveling between mostly Asia – USA – and Europe. Married with three children he seems to have found a successful balance with the demanding pressure of his responsibilities. In this article, he gives 3 recommendations. (1) bring a pair of comfortable shoes to allow for some exercise to distress, (2) sleep as much as possible in the planes bring hear plugs, and (3) stay in the CBDs of cities where you go with hotels that you know – hence no surprises and a central place to meet with everyone. At 42 years old Patrick Piana has had already a successful career in the management of luxury brands with LVMH, Pernod, and Philip Morris. There is no doubt that his experience and vigorous energy will serve the increasing needs of Rémy’s developing markets.

Source: read more details at CNN Money Online:

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