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Cognac is Becoming Mainstream – Hip Hop Hourah!!

“Cognac, it seems, is having a moment, and it’s making its move from rap lyrics and Mad Menboardrooms to the mainstream” is announcing Amalie Drury
at the end of October 2011 in one of her article [The Chaser] about brown liquors and nightlife. Could it be true? It seems that Cognac owns it survival to the Hip Hop artists who originally supporter the rebirth of cognac in the USA by embracing the idea of conspicuous consumption and ostentatious lifestyle. Hennessy is the brand of cognac most cited in Rap lyrics says Maurice Hennessy in this interview with Amalie. Hennessy Cognac has successfully managed to be the cognac of many different targets and it has kept a substantial perception of exclusivity amongst these targets all at the same time. It may seem that it is simple to do but it is a balance act that only a few can do. Toyota has dreamt of doing this for all these years but it has eventually gave up to finally create Lexus and later Scion etc…

It is not just exciting to see that cognac is coming back but also other classic brown spirits are coming back such as Bourbon. Amalie Drury who is a Kentucky native has a natural inclination for Bourbon but she did not turned down the opportunity to try out tasting cognacs and see for herself what this is all about. In summary and by comparison, one could say that cognac is smooth and rich, soft and surprising. Mostly surprising when when ordered by a woman admitted Amalie. Cognac is also becoming a trendy source for making cocktails. It is more flexible than one would believe – not just a new marketing gimmick.

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