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Monthly Archives: November, 2011

Cognac = Definition of a “Classic”: It Never Goes Away!

Amy Cavanaugh ‘s post could not be more stereotyped of what I hear from people who like spirits, brown or clear, scotch, vodkas, and else, but knows nothing or very little … Continue reading

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Sartori to Release Cognac BellaVitano® Cheese varieties for 2011 Holiday Season

Sartori Company announced this week that it will be releasing a very limited quantity of Cognac BellaVitano for the 2011 holiday season. Based in Plymouth, Wisconsin, Sartori has been producing artisan and … Continue reading

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Cognac and Armagnac – It is Like Salt and Pepper

John W. Fischer in his blog published on November 5th 2011, gives us a rare explanation of what is cognac versus armagnac but also he offers an interesting view on … Continue reading

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What is a Fine? Why do You Read “Fine Cognac” on old labels?

Some cultures and countries have a real tradition in making brandy of wines like Spain or Armenia. They both have a set of specific traditions in aging and producing but … Continue reading

November 20, 2011 · 2 Comments

How Is Cognac Camus Keeping a Steady Growing Family Business Since 1863?

Cyril Camus, the CEO of Cognac Camus, has much merit in having been a visionary when he moved to China in 1994. Already at this time China was promising but … Continue reading

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Why Is Cognac a Brandy of Choice?

Brandy is a broad overall category which includes all distilled products issued from fermented fruits. Hence, it includes sub-categories such as Armagnac, Calvados, Grapa, Pisco, Eau-de-Vie, … but also ‘Cognac’. … Continue reading

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What Makes Cognac Outstanding – A Perspective.

An interesting recent article from ‘The Star online magazine’ reports on Hennessy Cognac in Malaysia. I find this article pertinent as it reveals a set of perspectives on cognac which … Continue reading

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