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Should Legislation Forbid Liquor-Related Messages in Lyrics?

Music industry and musicians are not making as much money as before because the music industry as significant changed since loosing revenues from selling records because of illegal downloading and sharing. So musicians are increasing their ties with branded goods. This phenomenon has significantly last June 2011 when the Majors (meaning the big production companies) decided to recover expenses from deals musicians used to be making directly from product placements and such. Hence, the current high level of appearances of big alcoholic brands in popular music is a consequence of strengthening ties between the alcohol companies and music industries. So much that a large number of celebrities have now launched their own brand of spirits. Nobody has been able to download a vodka yet and these businessmen/musicians are encouraged to find other streams of revenues. According to a recent study teens hear 34 liquor brands message a day in rap and hip-hop music since they listen to music on average 2 1/2 hours per day. The problem is that adolescent are increasingly having problems with abuse and addiction of alcoholic beverages and the lyrics from these songs may appear like underage advertising and share some responsibility with alcoholic related issues with teens.

see FOX NEWS for more details:
see ABC NEWS for more details:

I hope the music industry takes a position on this matter before it is taken by legislation.

4 comments on “Should Legislation Forbid Liquor-Related Messages in Lyrics?

  1. tutorials
    November 12, 2011

    That was interesting blog!!

    • cognacs
      November 13, 2011

      One needs to think of the consequences too.

      • cognacs
        November 18, 2011

        I agree!

    • cognacs
      November 18, 2011

      Thank you!

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