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Château de Chanteloup is the Historic Residence of Jean Martell, Founder of the Cognac Company in 1715.

Cognac Paradis Chateau de Chanteloup

Cognac Paradis Chateau de Chanteloup

The Chateau of Chanteloup is an amazing castle in the North suburbs of the city of Cognac, surrounded by 147 hectares of vineyards.  This beautiful castle can be seen from a far distance from a flat plateau area in the Borderies region. It reminds me of old manors I had seen when I lived in Scotland but also the typical master homes you would find in Normandy. It makes me think in particular at the hunting lodge and horse breeding centers that one can find along the scenic roads of Normandy. In fact, it is all picture perfect for the Chateau of Chanteloups has it faces the Cognac Equestrian Center. I do not think this castle has a typical cognac architecture and style but rather anglo-saxon. Perhaps, it reflects the origin of the Martells who were British people coming from Jersey Island since this is known as the castle of Jean Martell, the founder of Cognac Martell in 1715. The chateau is used for many recreational activities by the Cognac Martell company now inthe hands of the Pernod-Ricard group. Some of these activities includes training and seminars of employees, distributors, … A few weeks ago I was speaking with someone who manages this Chateau and I could not believe the amount of people and work that happens in this place.

The Chateau de Chanteloup is opened to the public, mostly in the summer, and it can be visited within very specific dates available from the Cognac tourism office [see,].

Another option is to win a trip to this castle! The British newspaper The Telegraph offers its viewers to win a trip to Chateau de Chanteloup at this time.

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