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Cognac = Definition of a “Classic”: It Never Goes Away!

Amy Cavanaugh ‘s post could not be more stereotyped of what I hear from people who like spirits, brown or clear, scotch, vodkas, and else, but knows nothing or very little about cognac.

Cognac Paradis Courvoisier 21 Connoisseur Collection

Cognac Paradis Courvoisier 21 Connoisseur Collection

Going into a cognac tasting at the Drawing Room last week, I didn’t know much about the grape-based spirit. I’m a brown spirits drinker, but my tastes usually run more toward bourbon and scotch, and I hadn’t ever had more than a nip of cognac here and there.

I blind tasted cognac against Irish whiskey, Scotch whiskey, rye, bourbon, and aged rum to taste the difference between grain and grape-based liquors. I found cognac heavier on the tongue, with a taste that lingered longer in my mouth than any of the other spirits did.

Cognac was originally used in mint juleps, sazeracs, and other classic cocktails that now feature bourbon and other spirits. It fell off the radar over the years, thanks in part to an insect attack that destroyed many French vineyards in the late 19th century. With the resurgence of interest in the classics, it’s starting to appear on more and more cocktail menus.”

Cognac is a modern spirit because it is a classic, that means it never goes away and it is always trendy for the connoisseurs.  It is the traditional ingredient of prohibition cocktails and back in the trends today. It is made by  a long list of connected intermediaries and families, and it requires the utmost quality steps to be created. It is very exclusive and also sustainable from an environmental perspective – “liquid gold” some call it.

So do not get me wrong. I enjoy most types of spirits (with moderation). I only have favorites spirits for specific situations. I think cognacs are more elegant, subtle and clean than other spirits, but I am open minded. If I had to pick a second favorite spirits it would be eaux-de-vie for the variety of fruits that can be found. Otherwise, in second I would pick Calvados. I love crepes perhaps this is why.

Source: Photo: Courvoisier Cognac

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