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Martell Cognac Event for 2012: Cordon Bleu 100th Anniversary

Martell, the second largest cognac producer and the oldest Cognac House among the top 4 largest house is about to celebrate a very important anniversary. 100th! In 1912, the company launched a new cognac which quickly became an iconic product and which is still today considered by many people as the archetype of premium cognacs. It is revered in Asia and it is very unique in its assemblage/formula and flavor profile. One of its secret is the use of cognacs originated from the Borderies region of production in Cognac. This is very much of a house characteristic for Martell as much as the assemblage of Grande and Petite Champagne is a trait of Remy Martin, the Borderies assemblage belong to Martell.
When you analyze the Martell Cordon Bleu product with today’s “marketing eyes” one would imagine that it would be a project that would be quickly abandoned. Most of the new products being made are concentrating on the production of modern cognacs supported by trendy packagings. Cordon Bleu like Remy Martin 1738 are offering “old school” looks which are often perceived as evidence of “authenticity” by consumers. Hence, authenticity is an important characteristic for cognacs.

2 comments on “Martell Cognac Event for 2012: Cordon Bleu 100th Anniversary

  1. pozycjonowanie warszawa
    January 23, 2012

    Terrific site. Many thanks for bothering to share it. I have book marked your site as well as will make certain to come again very often.

    • cognacs
      February 6, 2012

      You are welcomed – glad you like it. We are true cognac enthusiastic people!

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