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Ralph Colemann Author of the Thriller Novel “L’indice di Raffaello” is Personally Commenting on the Use of Cognac Grand Breuil in his Novels

Cognac Paradis was contacted by Ralph Colemann, the author of the thriller novel “L’indice di Raffaello”, soon after we posted the fact that his novel was mentioning about Cognac Grand Breuil.  Ralph personally commented on his statement of Cognac Grand Breuil:

Cognac Paradis Ralph Colemann Indice Raffaello

Cognac Paradis Ralph Colemann Indice Raffaello

“A fan of mine informed me about you mentioning my thriller novel “*L’indice di Raffaello*” on the nice web-page of Cognac Paradis [

To say the truth in my book I don’t textually assert that “*Cognac Grand Breuil is the best cognac to give to someone special on special occasions*”.
Really, there are not words like these at page *171* (not 117) of chapter 31.

Nevertheless *I leave the readers guess it,* thanks to the particular situation *in which the marvelous Cognac Grand Breuil is suggested as a
special drink.*

In fact I describe a situation in which two main characters of the story meet to speak about a very important matter.

The passage of that chapter takes place in a beautiful old villa in Fiesole (Florence). The landlord is a rich and noble university professor,
an aristocratic gentleman of very refined tastes, and the guest is a very popular police commissioner. The two characters are both of high social
level… Therefore, the atmosphere is quite amazing. *In short, there’s going on a classic circumstance in which the Grand Breuil Cognac cannot miss! *

Cognac Paradis Ralph Colemann Indice Raffaello

Cognac Paradis Ralph Colemann Indice Raffaello

* The Cognac Grand Breuil is mentioned and suggested as the first drink*, but finally even though accustomed to enjoy good cognac the guest (the

police superintendent) prefers to taste Sake, just because he never tasted it before… You know, he wants to make a new experience…

At any rate, *I like very much Cognac Grand Breuil myself*. In fact I’ve again mentioned it in another novel waiting to print. And much more! I’ll
do the same in the one I’m presently writing, that is the sequel of “*L’indice di Raffaello*”.

I don’t know whether you can read Italian quite well.

I hope to do rightly by sending you a digitalized excerpt of the page in question but in the Italian version, because the Italian form of the book
is presently the only one available in my hands. You know, the book has been only published by an Italian Publisher.

[Herald Editore – Rome –]

However, I do care to send you the translation of the excerpt that I promptly made especially for you.

By the way, I’m looking for a publisher willing to publish my book even in the United States of America. (Maybe one who loves Cognac Grand
Breuil…). If you know one or hear about the matter, please inform me or directly contact my Publisher. Thank you a lot.

Hoping to hear from you soon, I send my best wishes for Happy 2012.
Ralph Colemann []

Monday, January 16, 2012

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