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Bacardi is Thinking of Distributing Cognac Baron Otard in the USA

Bacardi Logo

Bacardi Logo

Bacardi is a privately-owned spirit company controlled by the Bacardi family and founded in 1862. Originally from Cuba the family has moved a great deal between Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Florida as the political situations changed and they had to adjust and moved to a safer haven across the years.

This company has much merit and is responsible for a great deal of contributions in the spirit industry but to some extent also in their political influences such as over Cuba, and cultural influences such as art. In the spirit industry they great contribution was to make rum a premium spirit by (1) filtering rums in such a way to increase its purity and (2) by aging rums to mellow them. For everyone Bacardi is synonymous to rum but they carry a strong list of brands often times leader in other categories. For instance, they own Grey Goose Vodka, Dewar’s Scotch, Benedictine, Bombay Sapphire, and Martini & Rossi, and many more …

Cognac Baron Otard Logo

Cognac Baron Otard Logo

In fact, they own Cognac Otard, or rather Cognac Baron Otard as it was re-branded at the end of 2011, but they have not sold directly Cognac Baron Otard  in the United States, and there is no plan for it. Robert Furniss-Roe, president of Bacardi North America,  said Bacardi is trying to tap more into the dark side of spirits, launching its first cognac in the United States early this summer 2012 under a different brand than Cognac Baron Otard. We look forward to knowing what the brand will be.

Source: Martinne Geller, March 14 2012 (Reuters)

2 comments on “Bacardi is Thinking of Distributing Cognac Baron Otard in the USA

  1. Amy Federman
    March 30, 2012

    Can you please correct the above item as I believe you misread the March 14 Reuters piece on the new Cognac planned for the U.S. from Bacardi as Robert Furniss-Roe, president of Bacardi North America, declined to give any details about what brand name the cognac would carry, but said it was an example of what Bacardi was doing to address growing U.S. demand for dark spirits, like whiskey and cognac. Bacardi owns the Baron Otard cognac brand, but it does not sell the brand in the United States. The new cognac is planned to launch in early summer in the U.S.
    Amy Federman
    Corporate Communications for Bacardi

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