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Sarkozy à Hollande: “vous êtes un petit calomniateur!” talking about Calumniator.

Nicolas Sarkozy 2011 World Economic Forum

Nicolas Sarkozy 2011 World Economic Forum

Sarkozy à Hollande: “vous êtes un petit calomniateur!” In English President Nicolas Sarkozy accused Mr Francois Hollande to be making knowingly false statements on Wednesday May 2nd 2012 on national French TV while debating in person during the only debate 4 days before the 2012 presidential election. In direct translation: “you are a little calumniator”.

Treating someone of calumniator is a nicer way to say to someone that they are lying. It sounds more sophisticated more elegant and less offensive in a way that directly calling this person a lier. In fact, someone called a calumniator may not respond as they may not be able to assess the seriousness or weight the offense and select not to do anything. Never I had to check my dictionary at presidential debate. Proper gentleman should savor cognac, philosophize about what is a calumniator versus a lier, and remember to vote on presidential elections as this is a small civic engagement earned through the efforts of many generations.

Photo: Source: Davos 2011, World Economic Forum

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