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Whisky While You Do Kamasutra

The whisky marketplace is much larger in volume than Cognac. However, the whisky has a much larger number of producers and divergence not only in styles but more critically in origin – shall I say a much larger problem; what problem am I talking about? English whiskies (e.g., Saint-Georges), Welsh wiskies (e.g., Penderyn), Irish whiskies (e.g., Jameson), Australian Whisky (e.g., Lark), Canadian whiskies (e.g., Crown Royal), US whiskeys/Bourbons (e.g., Eagle Rare), Japanese whiskies (e.g., Yamazaki), French whisky (e.g., Glann ar Mor), German Whiskies (e.g., Gruel), Scottish whiskies/Scotch (e.g., Cardhu) and many other countries are producing whiskies like the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, etc…

More recently India entered the whisky production in a big way with a bold winning proposition: a whisky made in India blended with Scotch blends. Whattttt!!!! you are thinking while reading this a second time!  Can they do this? Yes and they did.  This whisky is now coming to America and it is called: “Royal Challenge”.

Next thing you know it could even be very nice, experts in blind taste may rave about it and it could costs less than premium fruit juices. In slower or hard economic downturn people are price sensitive and these whiskies coming from India or soon China may prove to be successful operations. In Fact, India offers a dozen of brands of whiskies made in India inside the Indian market. In the last Wine and Spirits Wholsaler of America (WSWA) trade show Royal Challenge was launched in the USA by Toni Bedi, the President of the UB Group. The UB Group is a huge multinational from India more famous for its beer business and its high tech division, but also airline business.

Cognac Paradis Presents the Whisky Royal Challenge, made in India

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