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Winners of the 2012 Essay and Cocktail Competition

I feel I know a lot about cognac. Do you? How would I know?
Let’s take the quiz!
The Cognac Trade Board (BNIC) has a cognac website that is outstanding
It allows you to learn and better understand the details behind the production, history, mixology, and uniqueness of Cognac. They also offer a quiz to test your knowledge on the subject.
This quiz had a competition for bartenders only that just ended! The Essay and Cocktail Competition winners were eligible for the Grand Prize* – a Scholarship to the BAR 5-Day Program and a free trip to the region to experience Cognac in person.

Five bartenders have been chosen to compete in the live finals to be held May 15th in New York City during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Benjamin Augustine from Sepia Restaurant in Chicago, Brian Matthys from Le Bernardin in New York City, Joshua Pearson from Sepia Restaurant in Chicago, and Ezra Star from Drink in Boston will compete in a live cocktail competition for a chance to win a trip to Cognac, France to become a certified Cognac Connoisseur.

This competition was designed by six leading spirits and cocktails experts: Steve Olson, Andy Seymour, David Wondrich, F. Paul Pacult, Doug Frost, and Dale DeGroff. Experience Cognac leads bartenders on an exploration of Cognac and also offers tips, cocktail recipes and food pairing suggestions.

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