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The Calvagnacs: The Gallic Version of a Scottish Whisky Tour

For many decades people have visited France for wine tastings or winery tours of Bordeaux, Burgundy, etc…  Now, this has become an international hobby and even the focus of a vacation.

More unique has been people touring spirits production regions, with Scotland and the Bourbon’s trail leading the way in this matter. However, I have been meeting or directing an increasing number of people to what I would call “The Calvagnacs’ Trail” that is the Gallic version of a Scottish whisky distillery tour = Calvados + Cognac + Armagnac. These trails are often visited separately but I think it makes sense to organize to tour them all at once because of the local proximity of all things in France.  It takes about 10 hours of driving from the north to the south of France. I am not saying you can do the Calvagnacs’ trail in one day but you could do it if well organized in 4 days and up.

I am not sure of any enterprises doing this already but it would be a fun thing, as we see people worldwide growing interest for distillation and spirits.

For further reading and entertainment I stumbled across this very nice article in the Washington Post which relates this matter.

Washington Post, Paul Abercrombie, Published: May 4 2012,  “France’s cognac country: So much to drink in”.

Cognac Paradis - The Calvagnacs: Calvados Cognac and Armagnac Maps

Cognac Paradis – The Calvagnacs: Calvados Cognac and Armagnac Maps


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