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Cognac is all about Diversity and not about Stereotyping

This year I posted a blog on chocolate and cognac. Not everyone likes chocolate and not everyone likes cognac. However, how could it be? There are many kinds of chocolate: dark, dark and bitter, with nuts, black, milk, white, with fillings, hard, creamy, … Same thing for cognac. There are younger and older cognacs, very fruity, very aromatic, one dimensional, multi-dimensional, light and darker, intense or light, bold or smooth, … so many kinds that if someone does not like them it just means they just do not know about it enough to know that there is a style that would fit their tastes.

In this following video I show what I mean by not knowing. There is nothing wrong in getting a high or a low rating. What is wrong is to let ignorants rate you and give them the time of the day. But I respect freedom of speech. [Cognac CAMUS is a very admirable cognac house!]

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