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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

French 75. Should You be Using Gin or Cognac?

David Wondrich in a recent article from reflects on the origins of the celebrated cocktail French 75. Apparently it is hard to provide precise origins for this drink. French 75, … Continue reading

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Cognac Blues Festival, Called Blues Passions – 3-8 July 2012, will be 20 Years Old in 2013

Nestled on the banks of the pretty Charente river, the historic town of Cognac is known the world over as the home of delicious ‘amber nectar’. But if you’re a music fan, … Continue reading

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Who is Rating Cognac? A Review of the Competitions, the Raters, and the Ratings

There are many spirits competitions and ratings in the world. From the local wine & spirits fairs to the international event organized with selected judges highly regarded for their experience … Continue reading

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