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Science Fiction is Catching Up on Us – See How Google Is Mapping Cognac

Google Earth Video Car in Rue Saulnier Downtown Cognac

Google Earth Video Car in Rue Saulnier Downtown Cognac


This is a car with a 360 angle radius camera mounted on the roof.


It allows for video mapping the street while driving.


People who want to make virtual visit.

This is one of my dream from February 2000 where I dreamed that one day we would be able to go on virtual vacation or visit far away friends without being there. Today, it does look more realistic but in 2000 people called this ‘science fiction’. I call it teleportage: a mixture of teleconferencing/skype and Google Earth.

That’s it – it is happening. This photo was taken on Monday 23rd July 2012, and it shows a Google Earth car going through downtown old Cognac to map the city street, precisely on Rue Saulnier. At this date only the major streets but not the smaller streets. This is a fun and exciting news. Perhaps you will soon be able to go to visit Hennessy or Otard in this street without having to be there but by borrowing a proxy which will act as a robot/gnome taking you virtually around.

Download your free Google Earth Software here:

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