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VVIPS are Expecting Gold Medal Services at the London 2012 Olympic Games

VVIPs have all arrived in London this summer to experience the London 2012 Olympic Games. These rich jet setters are expecting nothing less than gold medal services. Royalties, actors, singers, politicians, business people, celebrity sportsmen, and lookalikes … Loft rentals, penthouses, mega yachts, helicopters, limousines, shoppings, river diners, kids and dogs sitters, quick trips in South of France and extravagant night-lifes will have to be staged.

Everything gets upgraded including cocktails. Nightclub Chinawhite has mixed up London’s most expensive cocktail for its Olympic after-party. My favorite cocktail: a short version of the French 75 – champagne and cognac.

Chinawhite Nightclub London Olympic Cocktail 2012 Champagne and Cognac

Chinawhite Nightclub London Olympic Cocktail 2012 Champagne and Cognac

Made with Champagne Luxor 24-carat gold-leaf and Hennessy Paradis cognac. And as for the ‘cherry on top’ it  has a handmade set of 18-carat gold rings at the bottom of each glass. Circonstantially priced at £2,012 (3150 USD). Not so expensive considering the world most expensive coktail is according to the Guiness Book of Records 7000USD available at the Skyview Bar of one of the highest hotel built on earth (4th), ‘the Burj Al Arab‘ Hotel in Dubai.

If you are an olympians it is free, so you have 3 more days!

Sources: NBC news and huffington Post and

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