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Meukow Celebrates its 150th Anniversary (1862-2012)

The two brothers Auguste-Christophe et Gustave Meukow went to France in the late 1900s to source cognac for the Tsar of Russia. Well they never returned to Russia and created Cognac Meukow in August 1862. The Maison Meukow changed hands a number of times until in 1979 Michel Coste acquired it.

Cognac Meukow  Founders Brothers 1862

Cognac Meukow Founders Brothers 1862

This month the Coste family celebrates 150th years of Cognac Meukow but at the same time the success of their family business named Compagnie de Guyenne. The family has completed some outstanding milestones worth celebrating which includes:

. Compagnie de Guyenne established in 1977 by Michel Coste (father).

. 2012 one of the largest cognac negociant (80% of their cognac is used for Meukow). My estimation No.7th … with Distillerie de Matha and Cognac Brugerolle.

. Michel Coste coming up in 1993 with the panther logo for Meukow though thought provoking at the time now proves to be the start of todays’ modern school of thought towards ‘different is better’, sex appeal and seduction. Some new ideas at the time now commonly used in the cognac industry.

. Diversity of business: 42 millions d’euros, 50% en cognac, 25% en brandy, 15% en pineau, 10% in other products such as liqueurs and other spirits.

. Employs 84 people. Not an easy thing in France!

. Renovation of the headquarter ‘rue Pascal-Combeau in Cognac’ into a sensual cognac experience for visitors named ‘from amber to light‘.

. Philippe Coste (son) President of Compagnie de Guyenne since 1996, and President of the Bureau national de l’interprofessionnel du cognac (BNIC) in 2012.

. Recent agreement (July 2012) with Puy Gaudin in jointly making a brand of Pineau des Charentes taking 30% of the total market of Pineau des Charentes (total is about 100,000 hecto/year).

This can only be explained by a strong family support and ties in the industry. Michel and Colette Coste (parents), and their 3 children Philippe Coste, Marie-Laure Brugerolle, Celine Viard, and son-in-law Claude Brugerolle plus Francoise (spouse of Philippe).

Feliciations / Congratulations !

Cognac Meukow 150 years Anniversary

Cognac Meukow 150 years Anniversary


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