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Cognac is Back Again Says Wine X Magazine in Today’s News!

Wine X Magazine just today announced that cognac was the drink to come. Back again says Scott Stavrou:

“There are certain timeless classics that retain their allure in part because of their superior quality and Corresponding prestige. Cognac is one of these things. The sophisticated appeal of cognac may stem from the fact that your grandfather savored it after dinner with a Macanudo cigar. Or it may simply be that cognac embodies the quality and cachet that attract people who seek out any item that sits firmly atop a pinnacle of distinction. Such classics are currently in vogue again, and a basic understanding of cognac may make you better appreciate what is arguably the finest distilled liquor in the world.

First and foremost, an explanation of terminology is necessary. Cognac does indeed come from grapes. And cognac is, in fact, a type of brandy. However, while all cognac is brandy, not all brandy is cognac. Confusing? Not really. It’s easier to follow than you think, and a little knowledge will at least illuminate your intellect and may help you in pleasing your palate.

You can liken brandy to the plain blue blazer that was de rigeur in college and cognac to the Armani jacket that exudes elegance and sophistication when worn for a high-powered business meeting or over a white T-shirt for a night out with friends. The blue blazer is something you feel obligated to own and is easy to obtain; the Armani jacket you anticipate and ponder before indulging yourself.

Cognac is all about panache, and if you pride yourself on having a refined sense of style, you might enjoy knowing about a drink that is the epitome of label consciousness. You should wear — and drink — what you like. Therein lies the telling truth of style. And if you can afford an Armani original, you may wish to savor a premier cognac, such as Louis XIII de Remy Martin, which retails for $1,000 a bottle. If not be content knowing that any cognac, by nature, is the very finest and most closely regulated of brandies. In short, there are no bad cognacs. There’s only what you like and don’t like.”

“The ultimate test, is of course, how well you enjoy it. Cognac is not a drink meant to be consumed in volume. Rather, it’s more of a special punctuation mark — lasting pleasure or something to help you cap off an enjoyable evening with good company or savor long, introspective moments. When you feel like spoiling yourself, when you want to drink something considered the very best of its class, cognac may be just the drink for you. While you ponder your own good fortune, you might do well to ponder the role of the little grape that has given so much of itself to help us enjoy life. Reach across the table, clink your glass against your companion’s, and appreciate the sound so that the oft-neglected ear might enjoy the sensation as well. In this way, your drink is able to touch all five senses. Toast the grape and its many gifts!”


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