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Cognac is brandy but not all cognac is brandy as the saying goes. However, in Cognac people know how to innovate and perhaps challenge the status quo with innovative products at least in recent years.

Jean-Marc Daucourt had already surprised with Jean-Marc XO Vodka, then XRated Liquor (now part of the Campari group), now he has OR-G and more recently Bastille Whisky which is a little irritating in the middle of the cognac world but it tastes very good. Well, he will not be the only one whisky with Bastille any longer as he was recently joined by another whisky made in Cognac also starting with a “B”, i.e., BRENNE WHISHY, specifically French Single Malt Whisky.  French are joining the bandwagon of non-traditional whisky countries such as Indian Whisky we reviewed in a previous blog posting las t May 2012 (Amrut and Royal Challenge).

Brenne Whisky

Brenne Whisky

Brenne is coming with the objectives to (1) offer a non-traditional small batch whisky made in France, (2) using locally organic production, (3) aged in Cognac barrels, and (4) presented in a more female friendly and/or rather non-male oriented presentation.

I think this is a real good idea. Knowing how cognac makers think it will make for some real elegant and light whiskies, creating bouquet and fruit notes, etc… away from the stereotypes of smokey standards. It will certainly create a little bit of cannibalization and look disorganized to have cognac barrels and whisky barrels sitting together but as they say ‘if you cannot beat them join them’ and who knows what will happen when in a few years the cognac is going to hit the bottom of supply what we will be left to do!

Brenne Whisky was launched in New York this week as it was created/owned by an American couple. However, do they know that France is per capita one of the top consumer of whisky with more than 200 million bottles of whisky sold in 2011. Coincidently, the oldest French distillery still producing whisky in France is celebrating 25 years of continuous production this week: Distillery Warenghem, famous for its single malt called Armorik.

Warenghem Whisky Breton Armorik

Warenghem Whisky Breton Armorik

There are about 20 whisky distilleries in France and most of them are in Brittany. It must be something to do with being ‘Celts’, at least this is what I have been telling myself.

Photos from Brenne Whisky


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