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Le Pays Ouest-Charente (West Charente), joined by the National Bureau of cognac, will explore the opportunity to qualify to the World Heritage Status.

This idea started with a remark of the Mayor of Bouteville, a Village in the Grande-Champagne, he noticed that the surrounding vineyards are often photographed. We think the Mayor is completely right, have a look at the photo of the vineyards…

The proposal was formally discussed last December (2011), during a trade union committee of the Country West Charente. During this meeting, elected officials decided to form a small steering committee, charged with weighing the pros and cons to submit an application.

This steering group includes representatives of the Country West Charente, the Bureau National Interprofessional Cognac (BNIC), the Regional Tourist Board (CRT) and three countries of Charente-Maritime: the Saintonge, Upper Saintonge and Val de Saintonge.

The Steering Committee will decide whether or not to apply for the World Heritage Status, knowing that it will take a lot of time, money and some limitations to the producers and people of this region…..

Jerome Sourisseau (president of the country-western Charente and mayor of Bourg-Charente) already thought of a name for this project: “Cognac Experience”.

Jerome Sourisseau said: « on aimerait non seulement faire inscrire le produit cognac, mais tout le processus de fabrication, de l’alambic charentais jusqu’au chai de vieillissement. Il est unique au monde ».

—>”we would like to register the product cognac, and in addition the manufacturing process, from the pot stills to the aging cellars. This is unique in the world”.

936 goods have already been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage, including the vineyards of Saint-Emillion.

Source: Sud Ouest

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