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Just-Drinks and IWSR published for the 2nd time a ranking of the world’s leading spirits brands.

This year they compared each brand’s position with last year and included some surprising results.

The report provides quantitative analysis conducted by The IWSR, which ranks the top 124 spirits brands based on 2011 full-year volume data, 2011 value analysis and rates of recent growth. This data is then complemented throughout the report by findings from just-drinks’ spirits brand ratings survey, which was sent out to just-drinks’ global readership in July 2012.

This brand new report revealed that Johnnie Walker retained its position as the leading global spirits brand in 2011.

This research confirmed that out of the 124 brands ranked by volume, value and growth, Diageo owned Johnnie Walker was rated as the clear leader on the international stage.

Johnnie Walker also came out top in just-drinks’ own survey, having been awarded an impressive 341 points for brand strength by readers worldwide. LVMH’s Hennessy Cognac was named second strongest brand with 339 points followed by Pernod Ricard’s Chivas Regal.

2012 Top 3 Performing Spirit Brands

2011 Top 3 Performing Spirits Brands

Scotch Whiskey is also dominant as it outperformed all other categories, accounting for 33 of the best-selling individual brands. This is largely attributable to Scotch’s universal popularity, a strength that escapes many of its rivals. Vodka, rum, non-Scotch whiskies and tequila all featured prominently in the survey, boasting 21, 12, 10 and seven leading brands respectively.

The report was compiled by IWSR editor Alexander Smith and combines quantitative and qualitative research with insightful industry opinion to identify the best-performing brands in any given year. The annual volume, value and growth data is complemented by the findings of just-drinks’ unique spirit brand ratings survey.

To obtain the full report and user-friendly additional Excel files, please go to: Top Performing Spirits Brands.

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