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The political marketing in the USA is very revealing of the cognac marketing in the USA which needs a decisive strategic emphasis on geographic and ethnic targeting. Let me explain using the latest presidential campaign.

Barack Obama, the nation’s first African American president, was elected to a second presidential term Tuesday Novmber 6th 2012, defeating Republican Mitt Romney.

Mr Obama won both the necessary electoral college and the national votes. Today, every media is analyzing the reasons of its victory and they are comparing the two campaign strategies.

President Barack Obama won by stringing together a series of narrow victories in disputed states. Of the election’s seven major battleground states, he won at least six states. Originally, the favorite candidate in the race to the White House, the incumbent President was challenged during the first presidential debate when Mitt Romney appeared more energetic and clearly more appropriate in view of the challenges facing the next President of the United States of America.

However, at the end President Barack Obama won because of two reasons:

(1) His campaign focused 90% of its efforts in the last month over 7 hotly contested states only. No wasted energy and resources!

(2) His marketing was clearly segmenting the minorities in each of the battleground states. His use of technologies to micro-segment and target minorities was exemplary. Barack Obama’s campaign was highly segmenting based on ethnicities. President Obama won large majorities among black, Hispanic, Asian and multiracial voters.

Popularity and familiarity is very important. Making accurate predictions is key and often simple patterns may allow one to predict.

According to Spirit Halloween, the country’s largest seasonal Halloween retailer, one may predict the winner of a presidential campaign based on the nationwide sales of candidates’ masks weeks prior to the election. Although this method seems unscientific Spirit Halloween has compiled a ‘mask index’ since 1996 which has accurately predicted the winner of the election since then, including today’s winner Barack Obama. Last October 31st, Spirit Halloween registered a 60-40 win for Mr Obama based on its national sales of mask, and thus predicted that Barack Obama would win.

Obama Romney Masks

Obama Romney Masks

Source Photo:

Source: CNN and CNN Money

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