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Sylvia Kristel star of the original Emmanuelle movies passed away (17 Oct. 2012) in her home in The Hague, Netherlands at age 60. She was a Dutch actress who performed in over 50 films, and was best known for playing the lead character in four of the seven Emmanuelle films.

In addition, to her 4 Emmanuelle movies she appeared in over 40 mainstream movies which weighted less in her acting career, as she is mostly known for her performance in Emmanuelle.  Sylvia Kristel was a Miss contestant and winner in her home country as well as in Europe in her early 20s, and the source of the myth of Emmanuelle. She exemplified the women sexual freedom from the 1970s, playing the role of the wife of a French diplomat in Bangkok who avoided her boredom with a variety of sexual encounters. There many surprising statistics, but just to give one: Emmanuelle I was featured in the main cinemas on the Champs-Elysées in Paris for 13 years, this could be a record!

Sylvia Kristel two favorite drinks were cognac and champagne according to The Economist and Paris Match. She passed away leaving behind her a symbol of extreme lifestyle leaving on the edge with the world entertainment moguls from Hollywood to Cannes.

Another connection with cognac, is that she played one of her first erotic scene with a Cognac inhabitant named Jacques Szersnovicz, aka Grégory in Emmanuelle I in 1974. He played the lover that she met in the plane on her way to Bangkok. Now, Jacques is retired focusing his life on the memorial of Jean Monnet he says to Sud Ouest, but he remembers Sylvia as “shy, young, and inexperienced women … but a symbol of feminity”.

Emmanuelle, Sylvia Kristel, Jacques Szersnovicz, Cognac

Emmanuelle, Sylvia Kristel, Jacques Szersnovicz, Cognac [Source: SUD OUEST]

Sylvia Kristel, aka Emmanuelle in Cannes

Sylvia Kristel, aka Emmanuelle in Cannes [Sources: AFP Photos & La Voix du Nord]

Source Photo: SUD OUEST , AFP, & La Voix du Nord

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