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Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly a growth heaven for spirit brands as the vodka markets are loosening up to make room for other spirits. A new generation of drinkers and bartenders is opening up to western spirits and in particular but not only to whiskies from Scotland and Ireland.

The cognac sales are keeping upward sales trends with estimated sales going up +24% in the next 5 years according to a recent report from Euromonitor, says The Spirits Business.

Courvoisier in particular is working on the eastern border in Russia and Ukraine where they expect the fastest growing demands as these markets are following Russia’s middle class path for success. The Czech Republic is also developing fast growing demand with other new frontiers coming up such as Bulgaria where Diageo is making quick headway with Bushmills Irish whiskey and Johnnie Walker .

Once consumers start to gain economic success their import spirit tastings is growing.

With affluent markets growth in eastern Europe Russia is expected to grow +20% its cognac consumption by 2016, and Poland is said to be the next best hit with +17% growth expected for the cognac in the next 3 years.

Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls – Matryoshka – Babushka

Source: The Spirits Business

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