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… I only drink vodka … I only drink merlot … sorry I only drink brand X … I have never tried cognac I do not think I like it … I tried cognac once it burns right here … I don’t like cognac it is too strong says a lady walking away with a 2 liters bottle of vodka …  I prefer scotch says a man looking at me with a face kind of saying to me – you think I don’t know you are trying to convince me to buy a lesser thing … Cognac! Hummm! I only like cognac from France says another …

I wonder if people who go through a period of amnesia actually make the same stupid statements afterwards?

Perhaps there are 3 kinds of people that get to experience life versus go through it: the one that does not know, the one that knows a lot and the one that wants to know. I am sorry for the rest of the people. Life is already so short that I would not want to settle for average.

My apologies to sensitive minds. I am just returning from a promo in a large alcoholic beverage store and spoke to 100s of people and I had to vent a little.

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