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Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones better known as Nas is an American rapper and actor. Since 1994, Nas has released eight consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums and sold over 25 million records worldwide. His tenth studio album, Life is Good was released in 2012.  Nas is also an entrepreneur through his own record label, retail sneaker store, and magazine publishing.

His musical career began in 1991 when he was featured on Main Source’s track “Live at the Barbeque”. His debut album Illmatic released in 1994, received universal acclaim from both critics and the hip hop community. It is frequently ranked as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time.

Nas is often named as one of the top hip hop artists. MTV ranked him at number 5 on their list of The Greatest MCs of All Time and fourth on MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” list (2012/2013).

NAS and Jay-Z have been criticizing each other for many years. In fact, one may say that they have a great deal in common per the above but also having made a strong reputation for their engaged lyrics.

NAS is one of the celebrity icons used by Hennessy in their ‘Wild Rabbit’ program launched last year.


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