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Increasing interest for premium spirits in Australia is driving consumer towards cognac. Cognac category in Australia is growing at 10 per cent a year, with Martell reaching 30 per cent market share in Australia. The two fastest growing products of the 5 SKUs in Australia are Cordon Bleu and Martell XO according to Martell Brand ambassador in Australia.

Martell is also benefiting from a large diaspora of wealthy Asian people who had fled Hong Kong in the 1990s in fear of Hong Kong becoming a Chinese province. Soon to be a 300 years old brand in 2015, Martell is getting organized to celebrate the anniversary. Martell was established in 1715 and it is the oldest of the 4 big cognac houses, i.e., Remy Martin (Estd. 1724), Hennessy (Estd. 1765), and Courvoisier (Estd. 1835).

Martell is not the oldest house. The oldest cognac house is supposed to be Augier Frères & Co founded in 1643. The Augier Cognac House was acquired by Martell I think in the late 1970s. Martell now and then makes a limited production of Augier cognacs.

Augier Freres XO

Augier Freres XO

Source: The Shout Australia

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