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One of the media which has made the greatest impact in our lives in the past 10 years has been social media. It is incredible to see that people, habits and patterns might have changed because of this.

Social media has become a modern way to communicate, and a few people have made a tremendous contribution in the cognac industry using social media. A few Internet and Social Media are particularly interesting in relations to cognac:

. The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) or Cognac Bureau, the French government agency covering the legal and associative work around the industry, i.e.,

Screen Shot of Website October 2014

Screen Shot of Website October 2014

.,, etc.

. but more noticeably

The is the ‘go-to’ website to read interesting aspects and news about cognac and the Cognac region.

Last year in September 2013, the BNIC recognized as the ‘best writer of the year’ during the ceremony of the annual banquet and auction ‘La Part des Anges’.

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